Search & Rescue Unit

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Unit is uniquely qualified to locate, render aid, and provide expedient services to individuals in distress. Its mission is to minimize the loss of life and property damage and to provide recovery services as needed; always with concern for the safety of all parties.
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The unit was formed in 1987 and is composed of highly trained volunteer rescuers serving DeSoto County and the surrounding areas. Upon request from other jurisdictions, the SAR Unit will assist other cities and counties in or out of the State of Mississippi.

Preventative Search & Rescue

The SAR Unit provides Preventative Search and Rescue education to members of the public in order to develop a broad understanding of what search and rescue is, how not get lost, and how to prepare for a disaster situation. The SAR unit participates by visiting schools, in the "Hug A Tree and Survive" program, and safe boating instruction.

Search & Rescue

The SAR Unit is equipped and trained to serve the citizens of DeSoto County in urban, suburban, rural, lake, and river environments in different types of weather conditions day or night. The SAR Unit is trained to locate missing individuals, evacuations, body recovery, responding to flooding disasters as well as retrieving objects such as a piece of evidence.


The SAR Unit has a vast array of equipment and technology to assist them in searches. This includes high tech Marine Sonic side scan sonar for imaging the bottom of lakes, hand held GPS units, and specialized computer software. Specialized teams have been trained in using each piece of equipment to its maximum efficiency.

Public Meeting

Meetings are open to the public every second and last Tuesday of the month
at 7 pm.