Garbage & Recycling

New Trash Provider Starting October 1, 2023

Waste Connections will begin servicing trash customers in the unincorporated areas of DeSoto County starting October 1, 2023. Current Waste Pro garbage customers in unincorporated DeSoto County will automatically be switched to Waste Connections.

Click Here to Sign up for Recycling Service.  

Recycling Service will begin December 4th.  Customers must opt-in for Recycling - it is not automatic.

Map of Service Dates 

 About 900 customers will move from Friday to Thursday collections. Click on the link  to the map and type in your address to confirm your service day. 

How much are the fees? 

  • Garbage Service:  $17.50/month. 
  • Additional cart:  $6 a month. Call 901-398-5400 for extra cart.
  • Recycling Service:  $10 a month.  You must sign up for service.

How will I be billed?  

You will be invoiced by Waste Connections on a quarterly basis. Invoices are mailed in advance. That means the first invoices will be mailed in September, for services starting in October.

When will I get my new cart(s)?

Waste Connections carts are currently being distributed. This cart will begin being serviced the week of October 1st. Please leave your old Waste Pro Carts at the street starting the week of Sept. 25th.

How Do I Get an Extra Trash Cart?

If you want an extra trash cart, you can call 901-398-5400 between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Extra Carts are an additional $6 a month, per cart.

I only want one (1) cart – but I got two (2).  What do I do? 

If you received two trash carts – but only want one –call Waste Connections at 901-398-5400 between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. 

If I already receive recycling services, do I need to opt-in? 

Yes, you must sign up for recycling service online or call 901-398-5400. Recycling is an additional $10 per cart each month.

When will Recycling Service start?

Curbside recycling in unincorporated DeSoto County will begin the week of December 4th.

Why is Recycling Service delayed? 

Supervisors were resistant to moving the recycling start date, but they also did not want to automatically assume all current recycling customers would be willing to pay an additional $10 a month to recycle. After talks with Waste Connections, it was decided additional time was needed to sign up recycling customers.

What do I do with my recycling until then? 

DeSoto County offers recycling services at 9 locations across the county. You can recycle Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, and Aluminum. You can find the list of locations on the Recycling Efforts webpage.

What should I do with my old cart? 

Waste Pro Carts will be serviced until September 30th. The old carts will be collected starting the week of September 25th after your service day.. Additional instructions are to come.

When will I get my new cart(s)? 

Waste Connections carts  are currently being distributed. This cart will begin being serviced the week of October 1st. Please leave your old Waste Pro Carts at the street starting the week of September 25th.

Will my garbage/recycle day change? 

Your service date will remain the same unless your new trash cart has a “Change of Service Day” sticker on the lid.  You can also check the Map of Service Days.

What if I all of my garbage won’t fit in my trash cart? 

Waste Connections will only pick up the content inside the cart. It will not pick up trash bags, or anything else that is outside a cart. You can order an additional cart for $6 a month. You can call 901-398-5400 to order an additional cart.

Unacceptable Waste

(Includes, but not limited to) Hazardous, Infectious, Liquid, Medical Waste, Motor Oil, Batteries, Gasoline, Paint, Rubber Tires.

How can I dispose of the listed unacceptable items? 

DeSoto County provides multiple locations for the recycling of Motor Oil, Tires, and E-Waste. You can find information below and on the Recycling Efforts webpage. Hazardous Waste, Gasoline, Batteries, and Paint can be disposed of during Household Hazardous Waste Day which is usually held in the spring. A date will be announced in 2024.

Observed Holidays

Waste Connections will not provide services on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Rubbish Pit

DeSoto County has three Rubbish Pits for the disposal of non-household trash and rubbish. Each citizen can make up to four free visits to a County Rubbish Pit per month.

Tire, E-Waste & Oil Disposal

DeSoto County provides multiple locations for the disposal of tires, e-waste, and oil. Most locations are open year-round during business hours.

Spring Cleanup 

Every Spring, the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors Environmental Services Department places dumpsters in areas across DeSoto County for one week for residential use.

Household Hazardous Waste Day

DeSoto County's Household Hazardous Waste Day will be announced in 2024.