Small Construction 1-5 Acres

Construction involving the disturbance of one (1) acre to less than five (5) areas requires a Small Construction General Permit. The permit authorizes stormwater discharges from construction activities disturbing one (1) acre to less than five (5) acres, or less than one acre if part of a "larger common plan of development or sale," where the total acreage is based on cumulative planned disturbance of less than 5 acres. Stormwater discharges that enter waters of the state or stormwater conveyance systems leading to waters of the state are subject to regulation and compliance with the conditions set forth in the permit.

Construction Involving the disturbance of more than five (5) acres requires a Large Construction General Permit.

Below are links to important information and applications.

Land Disturbance Application

Small Construction General Permit (including Forms Package)   

SWPPP Guidance Manual    

Field Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control      

Owner/Operator/Contractor Memo    

EPA’s Construction Stormwater Resources and Tools