Jessie Medlin Priorities

Supervisor Jessie Medlin

"I has been my honor to serve as your Supervisor since 1992.  I understand our citizens work hard for their pay.  That's why I work hard to make sure the taxes collected by the County are used for the benefit of the citizens and should be managed no less diligently than I would manage my own funds. I'm proud to say I voted for 19 budgets without a tax rate increase."  - Jessie Medlin 

Jessie Medlin's priorities include: advancing economic development; enhancing infrastructure through the construction of new roads and widening existing roads; flood control management and expanding public water access; improving services for families and seniors.  


  • • Successful Cattleman for more than 40 years
  • • Allen’s Big Star for 19 years
  • • Owned and operated 2 convenience stores

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Partnered with the City of Olive Branch to extend Craft Road from College Road to Goodman Road.
  • Extended Church Road from Getwell Road to Highway 305 as an additional 5 lane east-west corridor.
  • Hacks Cross Road was widened to 5 lanes from the Tennessee state line to Highway 78.  Worked with BNSF to improve to the railroad crossings. This was done in conjunction with the relocation of William Sonoma to DeSoto County.
  • State Line Road between Germantown Road and Crumpler was widened from a narrow 2 lane road to 3 lanes for improved safety.
  • Worked with the Mississippi Department of Transportation for improved safety with additional traffic lights, 4-way stops and improved signage at major intersections.
  • Maintenance of and improvements to county roads has always been a high priority. 

Improved Services for Citizens

  • Instrumental in bringing a satellite tax collector’s office to the City of Olive Branch.
  • Worked with the State of Mississippi to bring a second Driver’s License Testing Station to DeSoto County located in the City of Olive Branch. 
  • Provided facilities that enabled the Health Department to increase services from 3 days a week to 5 days a week.
  • The B. J. Chain Library in Olive Branch has been expanded twice during my term as Supervisor. 
  • Provided a building for use as an emergency Food Pantry and Thrift Store that is operated by the local churches. 

Helping Seniors Stay in their Home

  • Instrumental in providing bus services for the elderly and handicapped for doctor visits as well as trips for groceries and other services.
  • The Homemaker program provides help to the elderly in their homes.
  • Meals on Wheels delivers meals to the homes of the elderly.

Commitments to the Youth of the Community

  • Assisted in funding improvements to the Olive Branch football field that benefit not only the OBHS football team, but also area soccer teams and PeeWee Football. 
  • Worked with communities and cities to improve parks across the county.