Burn Permits

For Residential Burn Permits Please Call 662-469-8080
For Commercial Burn Permits Please Call 662-469-8017
DeSoto County Government is responsible for issuing residential and commercial burn permits.To apply for a residential burn permit permit, please call 662-469-8080 and follow the automated menu.For commercial burn permits please contact the DeSoto County Emergency Services Office at 662-469-8017.

Agricultural burn permits are handled by the Mississippi Forestry Commission and can be reached at 1-877-226-5414.  

The following rules and regulations apply to everyone receiving a County Burn Permit: 

  1. Fire must be attended at all times
  2. Fire must be extinguished by dark or if cancelled
  3. No household garbage, tires, plastics, wires, insulation, furniture, or clothing may be burned
  4. No types of starting fuel may be used
  5. If neighbors complain about the smoke, you will be asked to extinguish the fire
  6. If the fire gets off your property, you will be responsible for the damages
  7. Do not burn any standing or partially standing structure
  8. You cannot burn within 150 feet of a standing structure
  9. Burn permit is only good for the day on which it is applied