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Emergency Services

  1. Building Plans
  2. Free Smoke Alarms and Installation Program
  1. County Volunteer Fire Report Request
  2. Safe Room/Storm Shelter Registration

    DeSoto County Emergency Management Agency's Form for registration of Safe Rooms/Storm Shelters.

Human Resources

  1. Change of Address Form

    Fill this out if you have a change in address

  2. Direct Deposit Authorization Form

    A form to fill out to have your paycheck deposited directly into the back account of your choice.

  3. Request for Leave
  4. Vision Enrollment Form
  1. Credit Union Deduction Change Form

    Form to cancel deductions, increase or decrease deductions for the FAA Federal Credit Union

  2. Request for Copies of Payroll Checks

    A form to fill out to request a copy or copies of your payroll checks.

  3. Suggestion Box

    Place for Employees to Make Suggestions

Information Technology

  1. Employment Opportunities Resource
  2. Phone Move, Add or Change Request

    Submit a Phone Request to the I.T. Help Desk

  3. Vehicle Inspection Report
  1. Help Desk Request

    Submit a Work Order to the I.T. Help Desk

  2. Vehicle Computer Evaluation Feedback

    Survey for car computer demo


  1. Re-Bid DeSoto County Sheriff's Department Addition

    This bid will secure a construction company to build a new addition to the DeSoto County Sheriff's Administration building.

  1. Vendor Certification Form with Categories

    This form is required of all potential vendors.

Road Department

  1. Adopt-A-Road

    Thank you for your interest in the Adopt-A-Road program! Upon receiving your application, we will contact you regarding the agreement... More…