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Chancery Clerk

  1. Upload DWG File for Plat

    City Planners and Developers can use this link to upload the DWG file for Plats that have submitted for recording.

  1. Upload PDF Plat Files

    City & County Planners can use this link to upload a PDF file of a Plat for recording in the Chancery Clerk's office.


  1. Poll Manager Application

    Must be a registered voter in DeSoto County to work as a Poll Manager.

Emergency Services

  1. Building Plans
  2. Free Smoke Alarms and Installation Program
  1. County Volunteer Fire Report Request
  2. Safe Room/Storm Shelter Registration

    DeSoto County Emergency Management Agency's Form for registration of Safe Rooms/Storm Shelters.


  1. Bid File 24-265-001 Construction of E911 Communications Tower

    The DeSoto County Board of Supervisors will receive bids for the purchase of one E911 Communications Tower for the DeSoto County E911... More…

  2. BID FILE NO: 24-300-005 Annual Bid for Polypropylene Pipe

    DeSoto County is seeking bids from qualified vendors to provide Polypropylene Pipe for the Department of Road Management on an... More…

  1. BID FILE NO: 24-240-001 Bid for Purchase of One or More Emergency Medical Vehicle

    DeSoto County is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to supply one or more new Emergency Medical Vehicle for the DeSoto County... More…

  2. Vendor Certification Form with Categories

    This form is required of all potential vendors.

Road Department

  1. Adopt-A-Road

    Thank you for your interest in the Adopt-A-Road program! Upon receiving your application, we will contact you regarding the agreement... More…

  1. Drainage Complaint Form

    Thank you for submitting your Drainage Complaint. We will review your submission and contact you if we need additional information.

Safe Streets

  1. DeSoto County Safe Streets

    Crashes involving injuries in DeSoto County have doubled in five years. The safety of DeSoto County citizens is of utmost importance.... More…


  1. Submit a Tip - Narcotics

    Form to Submit a tip to the Sheriff's Department Special Investigations Division

  2. Traffic Complaint

    Form to Submit a Traffic Complaint

  1. Submit a Tip - Warrant

    Form to submit a tip on a wanted person.