Campaign Finance Reports

Mississippi Code Ann. Section 23-15-801 et seq. (1972) requires candidates and other political committees file regular campaign finance reports during an election cycle.

2023 Campaign Finance Guide

2023 Campaign Finance Reporting Schedule

2023 Election Candidate Form

2023 Election Candidates Committee Form

2023 Election Political Committee Form

Statement of Organization for a Political Committee

Itemized Receipts

Itemized Disbursements


  • Mississippi Code Ann. Section 23-15-801, et. seq.


Failure to timely submit required reports in accordance with the applicable statute(s) may result in the imposition of a civil penalty in the amount of $50 per day for ten days and/or prosecution pursuant to Mississippi Code Ann. Sections 23-15- 811 and 813 (1972).

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Candidates for County or county district office, along with political committees supporting or opposing county and/or county district candidates, file this form with the Circuit Clerk's Office.