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Agriculture Education Facility

  1. Agricultural interests can include many important aspects of the industry, including:

  2. Agri-Business, Agri-Economics, Agri-Chemistry, Agri-Finance, Agri-Science, water conservation, gardening, farming, livestock, horses, small farm animals, fairs, 4-H, culinary, car shows, bridal shows, and more...

  3. Do you believe the future of DeSoto County could benefit from teaching our children and adults about agriculture?

  4. Do you believe providing agri-tourism opportunities would improve DeSoto County?

  5. Do you believe programs like 4-H, Master Gardners, equine programs, or livestock education yield positive long term benefits?

  6. Would you like to see agricultural opportunities grow in DeSoto County?

  7. Would you support DeSoto County Board of Supervisors building, operating and maintaining an Agri-Education Center?

  8. Would you participate in agricultural related programs?

  9. If yes, which programs would you attend? (Check all that apply)

  10. Do you live in or have a business interest in DeSoto County?

  11. Do you believe outdoor activities and animals are important to the quality of life in DeSoto County?

  12. Is your main area of interest for adults or children programs?

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