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Posted on: May 29, 2019

Mississippi - A Great Place to Live!!

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We all know that DeSoto County is a great place to live.  But did you know that your money goes further in Mississippi? FoxNews reported a study this week that shows Mississippi claims title to stretching your dollar further than any state in the union.  According to FoxNews, in the U.S., apparently not every dollar is equal.  Fox reports the value of $1 varies depending on where you go. According to new data compiled by 24/7 Wall Street from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), a dollar goes the furthest in Mississippi.

“Overall, purchasing power is nearly 35 percent greater in The Magnolia State compared to New York, Forbes reported last year, citing 2016 findings from the BEA. In New York, $100 is worth only about $86.51, while $100 in Mississippi is valued at $115.74, the publication stated.”  The dollar has the least value in Hawaii, where it is worth 84 cents according to the study.

The value of $1 in all 50 states from 24/7 Wall Street is as follows:

Mississippi: $1.16

Alabama: $1.15

Arkansas: $1.15

West Virginia: $1.14

Kentucky: $1.14

South Dakota: $1.13

Oklahoma: $1.12

Ohio: $1.12

Missouri: $1.12

Iowa: $1.11

Tennessee: $1.11

Indiana: $1.11

South Carolina:  $1.11

Louisiana: $1.11

Kansas: $1.10

Nebraska: $1.10

North Carolina: $1.10

North Dakota: $1.09

Georgia: $1.09

Wisconsin: $1.08

Idaho: $1.08

Michigan: $1.07

New Mexico: $1.07

Montana: $1.06

Arizona: $1.04

Minnesota: $1.03

Wyoming: $1.03

Texas: $1.03

Utah: $1.03

Nevada: $1.03

Maine: $1.02

Pennsylvania: $1.02

Illinois: $1.01

Rhode Island: $1.00

Florida: $1.00

Oregon: $1.00

Delaware: $1.00

Vermont: $0.98

Virginia: $0.98

Colorado: $0.97

Alaska: $0.95

Washington: $0.95

New Hampshire: $0.94

Massachusetts: $0.93

Connecticut: $0.92

Maryland: $0.91

New Jersey: $0.88

California: $0.87

New York: $0.87

Hawaii: $0.84

There are a lot of great things going on in DeSoto County. I believe we have good leadership throughout the county, but I have first-hand knowledge that your Board of Supervisors works each day to protect your future. Please remember that these decisions are often difficult. They weigh the overall good of the county, when there is no way to make everyone happy. I assure you, they try to do what is right every day they work for you.  That’s why I’m proud to work for them.

Vanessa Lynchard

DeSoto County Administrator

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