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High-Speed Internet will soon be available in all areas of DeSoto County due to a first-of-its-kind public-private collaboration in Mississippi.  As of January, 2023, more than 3,520 Households in DeSoto County  are without access to high-speed internet. Those 3,520 Households = 11,616 residents.(per census figures)

Over the years, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have told the County that it is too expensive to run fiber to many of the unserved homes. DeSoto County Supervisors set aside $9.75 million for Broadband Deployment Grants to help off-set some of the capital infrastructure costs related to expanding broadband service. The  grants are funded by federal dollars allocated to DeSoto County from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

DeSoto County Supervisors set aside $9.75 million for grants to help off-set some of the capital infrastructure costs related to expanding broadband service to more than 3,500 addresses.  The grants were awarded to one of three  Internet Service Providers for the coverage of a specific area. The Areas and the ISP awarded a grant to provide access to Broadband are listed below.

  • Area A - Lewisburg:  C Spire
  • Area B - Bankston: C Spire
  • Area C - Walls/Nesbit: AT&T 
  • Area D - Eudora: AT&T 
  • Area E - Hernando South:  AT&T
  • Area F - Delta: Uplink Internet

Broadband Deployment Map:

The Broadband Deployment Grant Map lists the addresses of residences included in the grants. Click on the map image to launch the interactive map.  You can search for your address by zooming and moving the map, or by using the address bar in the top right.  The color-coded dot shows which ISP will be providing access to service. You can also click on the dot for information. 

C Spirec spire orange

cspire blueAT&T

uplink yellowUplink

Broadband Deployment Map

Report issues:

We know no one likes construction equipment in their neighborhood or outside their door.  That's what residents will see when contractors are in your neighborhood. While the contractors and equipment are a necessity for Broadband Deployment, it shouldn't be necessary for you to be in the dark about what is happening.  If you know which of the Broadband Areas you in - you can click on the Area link to get contract information.  All Internet providers are  required to have a regional person answer the calls.

The DeSoto County's Community Resource Department is coordinating the Broadband Connectivity program and is coordinating the DeSoto County ARPA Broadband Deployment Grants.  If you are unable to get resolution through the internet provider, or if you don't know which Broadband area you live in, you can contact the Broadband Program.  

Broadband Connectivity Program Launch: 

It was a day more than a decade in the making. On January 20, 2023, in front of a packed house, Supervisors announced the launch of the Broadband CoDozens of people attended a Broadband Community Meetingnnectivity Program - with the mission of access to broadband service for everyone in DeSoto County within 24 months. .Supervisors Lee  Caldwell, Mark Gardner, and Ray Denison made the announcement during a special Community Broadband Meeting.

The Broadband Connectivity Program is providing grants to three Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to expand broadband access to more than 3,500 residences without high-speed internet. (See next page for details.) The grant money is coming from Abroadband meetingmerican Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding distributed to the county. All three internet companies will begin on the broadband expansion as soon as contracts are finalized. Construction is expected to be complete within 24 months. Some areas will receive internet within 6-9 months.

The push for broadband began in 2012 with a survey to determine areas were with and without internet. It was the first step needed to show that the FCC's coverage maps were wrong. In 2012, the FCC maps stated everyone in DeSoto County had access to internet. That was wrong then - and it's still wrong today. More than 10,000 people living in 3,500 homes still can't connect to high-speed internet.

Since 2012, Supervisors have met with state and federal lawmakers, even going to Washington D.C., to try and get help for citizens without internet. (See sidebar) In 2012, about 10,000 addresses were on the other side of the digital divide. That number is now down to about 3,500. By 2025, the objective is to have that number close to zero.

Sally Doty, Director of the Broadband Expansion and Accessibility of MBroadband meeting 3ississippi (BEAM) office, attended the Broadband Community Meeting. She spoke about the funding available for broadband projects and the state's mapping of broadband service.

Supervisor Lee Caldwell took Director Doty and others on a tour of the county to look at addresses that don’t have access to internet, and others that are missing from the FCC’s Broadband Map. DeSoto County is working with the BEAM office to make sure the FCC’s Broadband Map lists every home in DeSoto County.

The BEAM Office is asking everyone in Mississippi to help complete the state's internet map by taking a 2 minute speed test at Or text/call 601-439-2535 if you don't have any internet service.

Broadband Connectivity Program Map

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