Emergency Services

Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

DeSoto County Emergency Management is charged with the development and maintenance of a Comprehensive Emergency Management Program in coordination and planning with local, state, federal, and private agencies in order to protect life and property from natural and man-made hazardous events.

The DeSoto County EMA seeks to mitigate the effects of an emergency or event, execute timely response during disaster, and establish a recovery system in order to return the community to its normal state of affairs as soon as possible.

This agency is also charged with establishing, maintaining, and operating an Emergency Operations Center from which officials can conduct operations during emergency / disaster conditions.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

DeSoto County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides life-saving pre-hospital care to citizens and visitors in unincorporated areas of DeSoto County who suddenly become ill or injured.  EMS crews provide detailed assessment, immediate treatment of life threatening illnesses or injuries, and transportation to hospitals if needed.

DeSoto County EMS provides CPR, EMT, and other life-saving training to area fire departments, organizations, and schools.

Fire and Rescue

Eight Volunteer Fire Departments provide fire, rescue, and emergency medical response to the unincorporated areas of Desoto County 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There are currently 300+ volunteers, each of whom have undergone a minimum of 120 hours of training.  Services in DeSoto County falls under the Emergency Services Division.

Burn Permits

Desoto County Government issues burn permits for open burning in the unincorporated areas.  

  • A residential burn permit may be issued on personal property for open burning of campfire wood, brush (less than 5 inches in diameter), weeds, leaves, grass, clean lumber scraps and paper products at a residence.
  • A Commercial burn permit may be issued for land-clearing waste such as trees, brush & stumps. A site visit is required before a Commercial Burn Permit is issued.

Fire Code Enforcement & Investigation

Desoto County Emergency Services is responsible for fire code enforcement in the unincorporated portions of Desoto County. Duties include; annual inspections of commercial buildings; reviews building plans, and inspects new buildings for  fire and life safety code compliance.

Fire Investigators partner with the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department to determine the cause and origin of fires and explosions in the unincorporated portions of Desoto County.