Neighborhood Watch

We are fortunate to have in Desoto County excellent cooperation between the Sheriff’s Department and the citizens we protect. We need to continue working together to promote crime prevention, which starts at home. Burglars look for what we call targets of opportunity. Through our cooperative efforts, we can eliminate or at least decrease your chances of becoming a target of opportunity. Burglary is one of the most preventable of all crimes. The person who can best prevent your becoming a victim of burglary is YOU!

This information makes it simple to become aware of the many ways to improve the safety and security of your neighborhood and make your home a less likely target for the criminal element. It shows you what to look for, when to call law enforcement and even how to make your home less susceptible to a would-be burglar. Any barriers (physical, perceptual, or psychological) that you can place in the path of a criminal will lessen your chances of becoming the next target.

 A Neighborhood Watch Program, with the appropriate level of community involvement in the neighborhood, realizes a reduction in residential burglaries and or prevention of burglaries and other crimes typical in residential areas. An active neighborhood watch discourages the criminals from even considering your community as they select their victims.

You can incorporate suggestions and techniques found here to better secure your home. Join with your neighbors and help each other prevent crime in your community.

The Desoto County Sheriff’s Department is always available to help you get started and assist your continuing efforts to deter crime. 

Neighborhood Watch Info.