Wilderness Search & Rescue & Visual Track

Although the terrain in DeSoto County is not as challenging as it is in mountainous or desert areas, there are still several ways an individual can become injured or lost in the forest or undeveloped land that surrounds us.

The Visual Tracking Team works to find out "which way he/she went" in searches by locating tracks and other clues left by a missing person. This team, considered to have some of the top Trackers in the country, teach visual man-tracking skills at seminars throughout the United States.


Every member of the unit has been trained in wilderness search and rescue techniques with a wide range of tools at their disposal. Some of the equipment includes:

  • 4x4 ATVs with electronic winches
  • All terrain towable stretchers
  • Anti-exposure suits for working near water or swamp land
  • GPS receivers with TOPO maps built in