Candidate Resources

Qualifications & Fees

If you are interested in running for any County office in the 2019 Elections, please refer to the Qualifications and Fees for Mississippi Candidates. The first day to file for County office is January 2, 2019 at 8:00 AM in the Circuit Clerk's Office, and the deadline to file is March 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM. If you are running for a State office, you must file with the State Party your are running with. If you are running as an Independent Candidate for a State office, you must file with the Secretary of State's Office. 

To file, you must present to the Circuit Clerk:

  • Statement of Intent Form
  • Petition for Signatures **(for Independent Candidates Only)
  • Required Filing Fee of $100 for all candidates (Party and Independent) 

The Statement of Intent form and the petition (if needed) are on the Secretary of State's website. Find the office you are running for and select the correct Statement of Intent (by party OR and an independent candidate). Once you have filed with the Circuit Clerk you MUST file a Statement of Economic Interest online with the Mississippi Ethics Commission within 15 days of qu. 

Campaign Finance Forms 

Other Qualifying Tools

Any other questions about becoming a candidate in a DeSoto County Election can be directed to the Voter Registration Office at (662) 469-8350.