Posted on: January 23, 2017

Great Kindness Challenge Kicks Off in Southaven

County Logo 2_14_2017.jpg

Today, Southaven Intermediate School kicked off the 2017 Great Kindness Challenge Week with a welcome assembly featuring local government officials, Southaven Police and Fire, and other notable community groups. 

During the Great Kindness Challenge Week, students are given a checklist featuring acts of kindness that they can perform. They are then encouraged to go out into their community and perform these acts. In 2016, five million students in sixty-one countries participated in the Great Kindness Challenge Week and completed over 250 million random acts of kindness. Southaven Intermediate students will also be performing community service at an area nursing home and animal shelter. 

DeSoto County District 2 Supervisor Mark Gardner, County Administrator Vanessa Lynchard, School Staff, and Southaven Fire and Police were on hand to welcome the students to school and to the Kickoff Assembly. "This is a fantastic event that I hope can catch on across the County," said Supervisor Gardner. "The community can always use a few more random acts of kindness."

Last year, Southaven Intermediate performed over 10,000 random acts of kindness, a number they hope to exceed in 2017. 

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