Posted on: December 8, 2016

Department Spotlight: Fairhaven Volunteer Fire Department


From January to April of each year, DeSoto County provides a certification course to perspective volunteer firefighters, and, for the Fairhaven Volunteer Fire Department, this training provides an opportunity to grow the Department by adding members who are dedicated to their community. “The best part of this job is being a part of something bigger than yourself and serving your community,” stated Department Chief Coroy Calloway. “We are in need of people who are ready to make a commitment to their community.” 

Fairhaven Fire Department’s entire workforce is made up of volunteers who chose to dedicate their time and energy to protecting their friends and families from a wide variety of emergency situations. The Department’s 46 firefighters and medical personnel protect twenty-nine square miles of eastern Olive Branch, and the community will soon see an additional benefit from the work of the Department and of the DeSoto County Emergency Management Agency. “Fairhaven just improved their fire insurance rating from a 10 to a 7,” noted DeSoto County EMA’s Chief Deputy Director, Josh Harper. Lower fire ratings can often reduce the price of homeowner insurance in the affected area. “If the rating was lowered in your area, you can contact DeSoto County EMA or the Fairhaven Fire Department for a letter to present to your insurance company to see if your rates will be lowered,” added Harper. This lower fire rating is a result of the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors’ vision to enhance public safety while also maximizing any financial benefits available to citizens and Chief Calloway and his department’s constant efforts to improve response capabilities through enhanced training opportunities, better equipment, and detailed record keeping.  

Fairhaven Fire Department is looking to grow and is seeking applicants to join the department and participate in the volunteer firefighter certification beginning in January 2017. Calloway reiterated his desire to see more people volunteer, saying, “Most people don’t know whether they’re cut out for firefighting until they volunteer. A lot of people start Volunteering and then might move on to career departments.” If you are interested in serving your community, protecting your neighbors, and being a part of a something bigger than yourself, you can contact the Fairhaven Fire Department at 662-895-9736 to fill out an application to join the Department. There is no cost associated with joining the Department: all training and equipment are provided free of charge.

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