1. Animal Services

    Find out about Animal Services.

  2. Assessor's Office

    Learn about the Assessor's Office.

  3. Board of Supervisors

    Discover the Board of Supervisors.

  4. Chancery Clerk

    Explore the Chancery Clerk.

  5. Circuit Clerk

    Find out about the Circuit Clerk.

  6. Coroner

    Learn about the Coroner's Office.

  7. County Administrator

    Discover the County Administrator's Office.

  8. Courts

    Explore our courts.

  9. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

  10. Environmental Services

    Learn about Environmental Services.

  11. Extension Service

    Explore the Extension Service.

  12. Facilities Management

    Discover Facilities Management.

  13. Finance & Accounting

    Learn about accounting and finance.

  14. Fire and Emergency Management Agency

    DeSoto County's Emergency Management Agency, Fire Services, Civil Defense, and Local Homeland Security.

  15. GIS

    Find out about GIS.

  16. Human Resources

    Explore Human Resources.

  17. Information Technology

    Discover Information Technology.

  18. Intranet

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  19. Parks

  20. Planning & Building

    Find out about building and planning.

  21. Procurement

    Learn about procurement.

  22. Roads & Bridges

    Explore bridges and roads.

  23. Sheriff’s Department

    Discover the Sheriff's Department.

  24. Tax Collector

    DeSoto County Tax Collector

  25. Veteran Services

    Veteran Services